Worlds 2017

The World Championships for Star Wars: the Card Game have returned, and you’ve come to the home of live coverage of the event.

The Swiss rounds have now completed, as the brutal oppression of the Death Star and the wiley resourcefulness of Kanan and Yoda continue to prove themselves in their uphill struggle. The fields are dominated by the Imperial Navy and their technological terror, though for ever player who expects to have time to Spark out a board, there are agents of the Sith and Black Sun ready to murder them all with the power of the Force. Who will come out on top? Tune in throughout the day to find out!

To keep up-to-date with the event, continue checking in on this page. Most of the moment-to-moment coverage will be contained on our Twitter account (@LCG_Archive) and Dav Flamerock’s Soundcloud, which will follow my own progress throughout the tournament as well as feature soundbytes and observations from around the event. On Thursday morning and Thursday night, there will be recaps of Day One (Swiss) and Day Two (Top Cut), with post-tournament analysis coming in the following weeks. Keep a close eye on Twitter and Soundcloud to keep up-to-date with the round-by-round results, and refresh this page to see the big headlines!

In addition to The Shadow Archive’s coverage, Fantasy Flight Games is providing its own coverage of the main matches from the top cut on Thursday. To tune into the live-stream, click the link below.

Event Updates

Watch this space to see the highest-profile updates from the event, depending on who is doing best and what breakout archetypes appear. What decks will come out on top, and piloted by whom?

FFGLive Twitch Stream
(Thursday, 2:30-6:00 Central Time)



Final Standings:

1st: Mick Cipra
2nd: Andy Hornby
3rd: Ethan Anderson
4th: James Sin Lau
5th: Nathan Ferarro
6th: Travis Pakonen
7th: Colby Bennardo
8th: Thomas Melucci
9th: Norman Horn
10th: Joseph Kaufmann
11th: Callum Gillespie
12th: Matthew Brown
13th: Donovan McFeron
14th: Christopher Kowall
15th: Nathan Nuhring
16th: Nicholas Barton

Swiss Rankings:

1st: Colby Bennardo
2nd: Nathan Ferraro
3rd: Norman Horn
4th: Thomas Melucci
5th: Travis Pakonen
6th: James Sin Lau
7th: Joseph Kaufmann
8th: Donovan McFeron
9th: Callum Gillespie
10th: Andy Hornby
11th: Christopher Kowall
12th: Matthew Brown
13th: Nathan Nuhring
14th: Ethan Anderson
15th: Nicholas Barton
16th: Mick Cipra

Supplemental Articles

I wanted to provide a few more articles to dive deeper into the metagame and experience of Worlds, so as they’re written and available, these articles will be going live. The first one is scheduled to begin on the morning of the tournament, with the rest coming after the fact, so I actually have time to write them!


Day One Recap (Swiss)

Day Two Recap (Top Cut)

Top 16 Decklists

Thanks for tuning into my coverage of the event! I enjoy doing these kinds of things and hope to do more text coverage of events in the future. Worlds is a fantastic event and if you can get out to Roseville in May you won’t regret it.

~Dav Flamerock