Brad Emon Breaks Through To Victory!


Welcome back to the Star Wars: the Card Game World Championship coverage! Like each year, I competed in the event and provided up-to-date live coverage of the event, particularly in the final rounds. Most of the information was on Twitter, but this page should sufficiently archive the proceedings for those who couldn’t attend.

If following the moment-to-moment coverage is something that interests you, you’re going to want to follow our Twitter account (@LCG_Archive), which carried my own progress throughout the tournament as well as any interesting plays or board states I witnessed. I have a full-day recap for each day that covers the highlights of that day and which decks and players did particularly well. Fighting into the top sixteen this year was particularly grueling, and while I was able to leverage some play advantages to get to Day Two, the top cut was a brutal affair in which my inexperience with mono-Scum proved my undoing. On the other hand, my mono-Jedi deck was on fire all day and really showed how it could outplay my opponent.

But the real standout of the top cut was the finals, in which Brad Emon went up against Nathan Nuhring. Because the schedule had to change at the last minute to accomodate Brad’s 3 hour drive home, it wasn’t streamed, though both FullyOps and Team Covenant recorded it for later commentary. Nathan started out excellently with his mono-Navy fortress, and while he did forget a couple crucial card triggers, Brad ended up winning by taking a remarkably high-risk strategy that would only work if his opponent had 2 or fewer Force icons for the final edge battle. And when his gambit worked… he won! Huge congratulations to our new World Champion Brad Emon, eternal champion of Kyle Katarn and Captain Needa.

We look forward to seeing you at Worlds next year!

FFGLive Twitch Stream
(canceled due to player scheduling)


Event Updates

Instead of photographing the standings during the Swiss, I decided to report the rounds of the event by recording brief audio clips and uploading them to Soundcloud. As always, the most up-to-date collection of clips were posted to my twitter account (@LCG_Archive), but they have all been compiled here as well for easy reviewing. For after the event, this should give a sense of how the tournament went in a more visceral manner. Read below for a more complete recap of each day’s event.

Final Standings

World Champion: Brad Emon
Second Place: Nathan “Nuhring” Nuhring
Third Place: Donovan McFeron
Fourth Place: Norman “NormanH” Horn
Top Six: 2014 WC Mick “MacRauri” Cipra / Daniel “Kiramode” Trujillo
Top Eight: Tyler “Dav Flamerock” Parrott / Nathan “Revanari” Ferraro
Top Twelve: Matt “Hida77” Kreideweis / Colby “CCBPE” Bennardo / Josh “Letux” Johnson / Nate “Ketricel” Tripp
Top Sixteen: Matthew “Mattropolis” Saloff / David “GreedoShotFirst” Tietze / 2015 WC Tom “Ozrix” Melucci / Ryan “Rune42” Koch

Supplemental Articles

I wanted to provide a few more articles to dive deeper into the metagame and experience of Worlds, so as they’re written and available, these articles will be going live. The first one is scheduled to begin on the morning of the tournament, with the rest coming after the fact, so I actually have time to write them!

Introduction (by Dav Flamerock and Farsight)

Day One Recap (Swiss)

Day Two Recap (Top Cut)

Thanks for tuning into my coverage of the event! I enjoy doing these kinds of things and hope to do more text coverage of events in the future. Worlds is a fantastic event and if you can get out to Roseville in May you won’t regret it.

~Dav Flamerock

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    Thanks for the coverage!

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