Worlds 2015: Tom Melucci Takes the Title!


Welcome back to the Star Wars: the Card Game World Championship coverage! Once again I managed to fight my way into the top cut, and while I didn’t make it as far on day two as last year, my friend and teammate Tom Melucci was able to crush all his opposition (including me!) on his road to the finals, where he overran the Sith Characters that his opponent David Tietze brought to bear. Congratulations Tom!

Just like last year I intend to provide as close to live coverage of the event as I can. This year I’ve assembled a Twitter List to keep up with alongside the account where I’ll be posting moment-to-moment updates, which you can see below. As the tournament progresses, I’ll be updating this page to keep track of who’s doing well and how the tournament is progressing, with larger updates between each day. Keep your eyes here for the quick updates, watch the Twitter feed and check out the tournament standings. And when the top cut arrives on Friday, FFGLive will be streaming most of the top cut live! It starts at 2:30 central time and goes until the tournament is over. It’s looking like it’ll be a great event!

FFGLive Twitch Stream
(live on Friday at 2:30 central)

Tournament Standings

As the Swiss portion of the event begins, I’ll be updating this with photos of the top standings (well, on Twitter unless my round is short), and will type them up whenever I have time. Keep your eye out, and I’ll update it with the top cut bracket on day two!

Round One

Round Two

Round Three

Round Four

Round Five

Round Six

Round Seven & Top Cut results

Top Sixteen

Top Twelve

Top Eight

Top Six

Top Four

Top Three


Supplemental Articles

I wanted to provide a few more articles to dive deeper into the metagame and experience of Worlds, so as they’re written and available, these articles will be going live. The first one is scheduled to begin on the morning of the tournament, with the rest coming after the fact, so I actually have time to write them!


Day One Recap (Swiss)

Day Two Recap (Top Cut)

Player Profiles

Metagame Breakdown

Thanks for tuning into my coverage of the event! I enjoy doing these kinds of things and hope to do more text coverage of events in the future. Worlds is a fantastic event and if you can get out to Roseville in November you won’t regret it.

~Dav Flamerock

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