Spaceballs: the Card Game

Spaceballs Box Final

Spaceballs: The Card Game is a fan expansion for FFG’s Star Wars: the Card Game. Relive the hilarity of Mel Brooks’s classic Star Wars parody with fourteen new objective sets, bringing to life the far-flung Druidia, Planet Spaceball, and the moons of Vega as you struggle to support or deny the Spaceballs’ quest for more air. With their planet on the brink of ruin, it’s up to you to capture or defend the sustenance from whichever planet the Spaceballs have chosen as their target. Who will you choose to champion your fight for the power of the Schwartz?

The cards contained in this expansion are not legal for organized play events and are intended purely for casual use. To that end, they will only ever be available as free print-and-play downloads, with the exception of special, sponsored events. Click the box image for to be provided with a download link.




Enlist the aid of Yogurt, master of the Schwartz and merchandising—sorry, moichandising—afficionado. He’ll defend your objectives and keep the rest of your fighting forces alive and well while you’re off storming Spaceaball One!







Protect Princess Vespa, the only daughter of the Druish King Roland, because she’s the key to the Spaceball’s thieving scheme! But if you let her get her way, she’s bound to break something… so make sure she’s breaking your opponent’s objectives.






Equip Lonestar with the greatest skills and equipment you can find, because a true hero is the sum of many parts. Whether he follows the way of the Schwartz or sticks with his guns and turns his enemy’s uniformity against them, Lonestar and his sidekick, Barf, are a team that can’t be stopped!






Alternatively, if you feel the power of the down side of the Schwartz, Dark Helmet is the most deadly warrior the Spaceballs have under their command, even if his greatest strength is in his destructive recklessness. He may not have much willingness or ability to defend, but once he has a target there’s no stopping him.






Apparently the only capable person among the Spaceball leadership, it’s up to Colonel Sandurz to keep everything safely defended and prevent the other Spaceballs like Dark Helmet and President Scroob from foolishly losing everything in a disastrous edge battle. He may not be elite, but with a solid defensive statline and a hilariously one-sided ability to manipulate edge battles, you know he’s not going down without a fight.





But if you’re a bit of a gangster, then Pizza the Hutt’s your man. This monster will outfox even the best swindlers in the galaxy and when you thought he was about ready to eat himself to death, he comes back better thsn ever. When you have an economy as endless as this guy, it’s hard not to get everything you want!