Release Review: Meditation and Mastery

We continue in our tradition of week-long release reviews. Where the last pack brought Smugglers one of their better sets in recent memory, this pack is all about the Rebels. Wedge is explicitly the strongest objective set in the pack, and might be one of the better Rebel sets that’s come out for the past year or so. But the other pods are exciting for different reasons—where Wedge is powerful, the likes of Sarenda, Nien Numb, Admiral Screed, and, yes, even Djas Puhr all have huge potential but ask you to build in a very different way. This pack is a deckbuilder’s dream, so let’s get into it!

Remember: Each objective set will get its release review on a different day, starting with Sarenda on Monday and ending with Hunters in the Night on Friday.

Meditation and Mastery

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