Release Review: Immeasurable Power (Pod 264)

GreedoShotFirst: With a lot of low cost troopers, there is extremely good value to this objective, especially since there are 3 Death Troopers in each pod. For this reason, for there to be a fair amount of consistency to a deck, I would run it as a 50 card deck (sorry new 7 reserve affiliations) and as a 2-of in a build. I know a lot of people would like Troopers to be a significant part of the game and getting to drop in some hearty 3 health ones (when your 0 cost Espo trooper eats it) makes for some pretty good value.

AussieJedi: This objective I like a fair bit. A standard 5/1 with a pretty great reaction. The objective in a way forces you to take 2x of the set so that you have an ample supply of Death Troopers in your deck. Any time I get to put a card into play (which is free BTW), I say hell yeah. Couple this objective with that of Imperial Discipline and not only do you get to put a Deathtrooper into play, but when the first trooper left play, the opponent has to deal a damage so to satisfy the reaction. Tasty!

Farsight: This card and Cassian’s objective are starting to make me suspect we’re going to have a theme of “empty rooms from Rogue One” in this cycle’s art, which should lead to some very exciting looking battlefields soon. On a slightly more serious note, this objective has a fun ability with the potential for some big swings. The biggest drawback the Death Troopers have is their high cost, but here’s a way to get them for free. Unfortunately there are very few ways to destroy your own units for value, since it’s hard to imagine the scenario where wasting premium removal like Force Lightning on your own guys to get a free Death Trooper is the right play. The one exception would be Moment of Triumph, where you can probably engineer the board to hurt your opponent while making up for anything you lose by dropping free units! Outside of these corner cases your opponent is largely going to control the timing of this because they can decide when to kill your units. That makes this a nice bonus, and something that will discourage your opponent from killing units when they don’t have to, but not something to plan around. Having troopers with the Protect ability flips this around, so I’d definitely consider playing this pod along with General Tagge – for the protect troopers, not for Tagge’s ability which will stop this objective from triggering.

Dav Flamerock: This is an awfully specific objective ability, but when it fires off it’s going to be pretty incredible. Assuming you build your deck with Troopers, they’re going to get into fights and die (certainly, that’s what General Tagge’s pod is all about). If you can keep a Death Trooper in hand for that eventuality, then this objective is going to generate 3 free resources for you and sneak a unit into play at a surprising time. However, that’s a Death Trooper that you didn’t edge, and if somehow your Troopers don’t get killed then that’s a card that just got wasted (and prevented you from drawing a new card). I’ve certainly found myself with enough Rebel Commandos in hand to know that sometimes it doesn’t work out for you. Even if you do have the ability to drop a Death Trooper into play with this objective, remember: only do it if you actually need more board presence. If winning edge battles is more important, then edge aggressively!

GreedoShotFirst: Another tactical Navy unit. My goodness, the control we are starting to see out of Navy is really starting to become formidable. As great as he is and as much as I want him to have a Promotion enhancement on him, his ability with those troopers is UNREAL! For me, this main wants desperately to play with Sabotage in the Snow to 1) feed troopers into the slaughter to maximize the Immeasurable Power objective and 2) give all shielding units another bomb. The fact you can choose based on board state is fantastic and makes for good strategy in a strategy based game. I think you would want to see Krennic about 3rd or 4th turn after a few Death Troopers and resources are out to make the most of him.

AussieJedi: Yet another new character! Here Krennic is a 4 coster with three health and three Force pips. He seems a tad underwhelming for the icons he brings. Double tactics and a pistol is a really good icon spread to have, but he really needs blast. I get it, maybe he isn’t supposed to be as offensive as I make it out, but sometimes, you really need just a blast to make it worthwhile to take in the slot. He does have a nice ability, which it seems is the main part of the cost for Krennic. As a reaction, you can pay 1 to give the Death Trooper shielding/elite or maybe edge 1. Now I like flexibility in mains, but what I think is pretty awesome is that the one you pay affects all Death Troopers on the board. I would love to go in with edge 1 or 2, after having the chud troopers die off to give you Death Troopers. Now you have to pick the same keyword for all the troopers, but what that means is that the ability brings a lot of tactical flexibility to Krennic.

Farsight: This pack has got four mains, each four cost with three health, and there’s at least four more coming in the next two packs just from the cards we’ve seen spoiled (not counting the four cost guy with four health). This could get kinda boring soon so I hope they mix it up more later in the cycle. That’s not Krennic’s fault though, he’s actually pretty good. Three pips plus two tactics icons and elite makes him a pretty much perfect defender, as well as a great target for the Promotion enhancement. With those solid stats his ability is more icing on the cake than the reason you play him. The biggest shortcoming his reaction has is the resource cost, since Death Troopers are already pricey and trooper decks in general do not have as good a resource base as other Navy archetypes. So you probably won’t be triggering this all the time, just something you hold up for key turns. The elite option could be great if your guys are buried under a pile of focus tokens but I don’t think you’ll be using it much. That leaves shielding and edge 1, and an interesting question: when you would choose shielding? It looks to me like edge 1 is definitely the superior option, since winning the edge and striking first can free you from needing shields, whereas if you take shields and lose the edge the Death Troopers will be able to soak up a lot of damage but deliver little in return. Altogether, I think the best part of this card is his defensive prowess (with one or two Death Troopers on the board Krennic is all but unkillable) and you’ll mostly play him to mind the fort while the troopers go off and have fun adventures elsewhere rather than constantly using his reaction.

Dav Flamerock: Krennic is fantastic. He’s your standard 4-cost big Officer, built much in the same as Grand Admiral Thrawn (two tactics icons!), and a bunch of text that says, “play lots of Death Troopers.” As we’re about to see, the Death Troopers say “play Director Krennic,” so that messaging goes both ways. If you don’t have any Troopers, is he good? Yes—an elite, 3-Force unit with two tactics icons is basically always going to be great. If you have a couple Death Troopers and a resource, however, he also can start to give them modular abilities, making them fight better, refresh, and keep your Director alive longer. I do think that this 2-tactics main is the star of the pod, so having troopers that are dedicated to making him better is something I’ll happily get behind.

GreedoShotFirst: You get 3 of these in each pod and 6 if you run double. Two guns and a bomb with protecting a guy that can make them elite, shielding or edge 1 seems like it is really versatile especially with 3 health. These guys are likely worth paying the 3 for them alone, but with the enhancement and objective reducing that number, there is a wonderful return on a minimal investment. I expect there to be several VERY clever ideas for this trooper in many different Navy decks.

AussieJedi: So not only do you get one Death Trooper to make use of the ability in Krennic, you don’t even see two there… you get three Death Troopers in the set. These guys are actually pretty great and if they come for free from the objective, then you get some protection of Krennic himself. They are 3 health units and these guys have some solid icons for chuds. Two force icons make them just that bit sweeter. Oh yeah. did I mention that you get 3x of them?

Farsight: Hold on, there’s how many Death Troopers in this pod?? Wow. Having three copies makes it pretty clear what the point of this pod is, so let’s take a good long look at the Death Trooper. With three cost, three health, and three icons, the troopers are practically small mains. Most pods with three to four units usually have a small chud or two but this pod is all about the beef. This has got to create some new options of the dark side, right? The closest analogue I can come up with is Hera’s pod which was also packed with great units, and it definitely changed things up for the light side. One thing to keep in mind when building decks with this is you’re definitely going to need some more money. This pod has a fantastic resource, but it’s not going to cover everything you want to pay for. Motti’s pod is one option for the resources and Orbital Bombardment, along with Sabotage in the Snow for those Forward Command Posts (goes great with Krennic’s shielding). You might even need to branch out to pods like Might of the Empire, since Fleet Staging Area can pay for these guys. After you’ve got the resources to play these units, what else to do? I’m interested in pairing this up with pods like Agent Kallus – interesting effects that go well with troopers in general but lacking on the unit front. Other factions might also be interested in throwing in a one-pod army to their decks.

Dav Flamerock: And as you might expect, here’s where the Krennic support comes in. At face value, these units actually aren’t all that great: on defense they’re just 3-health stormtroopers for 3 cost (that protect Krennic, if he’s out). On offense they only represent two damage if your opponent declines to defend, and Scum and Sith can both do better than that. They also encourage you to play Krennic, and the first Krennic/Trooper pair is going to cost you 7 resources. Yet I think these units are actually quite good. It’s not because of their cost/damage ratio, which is bad, but it’s because there’s three in the pod. That makes this a 4-unit pod, which is something we basically don’t ever see in this game. And not only is it a 4-unit pod, three combat icons makes these Troopers a mini-Main in the sense that you actually want them on the board. They may be expensive, but this pod is going to guarantee you have solid dudes to put onto the table when your need is great (and that expensive cost has two different workarounds within the same pod). Similar to how Hera’s pod was strong by the virtue of being pure fundamentals, Krennic’s pod is strong for the same reasons: it’s nothing more than resources and good units, and if you have other pods that don’t have enough good units then this can fix that problem.

GreedoShotFirst: Reducing the cost of the first trooper by 1? I’ve always wanted to see if Dark Trooper Legion was a thing… this may make it much easier without damaging your own objectives. These can make for some very cheap units and if you decide to run Mohc with these bad boys, those Phase 1 Dark Troopers can now be easy fodder to combo into Immeasurable Power for cheap Death Troopers.

AussieJedi: This is actually a great card to put in. Sure, its a 2 for 1 resource card, but this is a perfect setup card. Should something not go to plan and the LS player is making an effort not to kill off a Trooper so that you get free Death Troopers, or maybe you don’t have the objective out to take full advantage of the set, then this is a great way to build up a cheap board, so that when you finally drop that objective or Krennic, you have the pieces in place. Now this is the only set in the pack that doesn’t have blaring synergy with other factions, but take a look at Stygeon Prison Guard who can make the opponent focus his unit, or a Stormtrooper Vanguard who has three health and shielding. Pretty nice, especially if you have 2x of the Assembly Areas out to reduce the board setup by 2 for the first unit you play. Exciting stuff!

Farsight: Assuming you can keep up a steady flow of troopers, this is a fantastic resource. It pays for itself the turn it comes down and every turn after that it provides two resources. The main cost is that heavy points you towards the Trooper deck when the rest of the pod is not so concerned with traits. Still, even if you don’t have any other trooper units (which is kind of hard to do with a Navy deck) this can still probably do a lot of work if you are running this pod as a two-of with six Death Troopers. It’s not even limited so you can really go crazy with the resource enhancements if you want. There’s not too much to discuss here, it’s fine on its own and gets a lot better in a dedicated trooper deck.

Dav Flamerock: Given how many Troopers there are in Navy, this is one of the best resource enhancements I’ve seen. Assuming you’re playing a Trooper every turn, this is a 2-for-2 resource with elite and it isn’t even limited! And it’s Navy affiliated! I don’t think a Navy deck with this pod in it is going to have trouble playing at least 1 Trooper every turn, so I’m going to rate this very highly. When you offer me a Death Trooper at 2 cost, it suddenly looks like a REALLY good unit.

Final Grades

GreedoShotFirst’s Judgment:
So my fantasy deck now has enhancement that give shielding units a bomb, an officer that gives each committed unit a bomb and an objective that makes committed units, elite. Since you’re now good on resources, throwing in that Dark Trooper Legion can be fun for experimentation. Maybe there is room for an Aphra here since there are a lot of droids swimming around and those 6 cost guys can get into play for cheaper even if it is for 1 turn.

Or you can go straight up Navy Troopers and control with Thrawn and Tarkin (which can wipe out your low cost troopers to bring in newer better ones…).

This earns higher marks due to the versatility, but there is a lot of internal synergy required. Can this operate as a new main set for Navy? Especially if you don’t see the objective? Time will tell.
Overall Grade: A-

AussieJedi Rating:
Overall I have to say I like this set, but I don’t love it yet. I do want to get some more games in with it soon, but I think even though I said it screams out to be a 2x inclusion, I really think that this is a 1x support set in disguise, alongside Thrawn, Mohc or even Tarkin.
Overall Grade: C+

Farsight Rating:
As a whole I think this pod could be a valuable addition to trooper and officer decks. The trooper decks will appreciate getting a large number of quality units, and the officer decks will like having a good new promotion target. It’s a pretty interesting design, instead of having a new mechanical twist like most pods this pod really just has raw numbers to offer. I think there will be some decks that may be looking for that even if they don’t have the trait synergies.
Overall Grade: B

Dav’s Set Statistics:
Edge Rating: Strong (1 Good, 1 Resource, 0 Bad)
Important Unit Cost: 3
Resource? Yes
Shields? Kinda
Blast Icons:  on Death Troopers
Tactics Icons:  on Director Krennic
Overall Grade: B+

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