Release Review: Daughter of Tanaab (Pod 241)

Dav Flamerock: Any objective that says “draw 1 card” on it is good, especially if it’s followed by a limit (as that generally indicates that the ability is easy to trigger). This one is… no different? Being “while unbloodied” is a little annoying, considering it’s not hard for some dark side decks to turn it off these days, but I suppose my Planning the Attacks are online often enough to make it still relevant. It is worth considering the fact that playing events happen very often, and this ability is FAR stronger on an objective than on General Vanden Willard… so I wouldn’t be surprised if this objective turns out to be quite powerful.

AussieJedi: This is a set that I have been playing a lot recently in a slightly similar deck to one pioneered by a fellow SWLCG player David Tietze, you may know him by the name GreedoShotFirst on the forums. It makes heavy use of core Obi Wan, littered with Force Users. I tweaked it somewhat and found the objective set to be super useful. So what do we have?

The objective seems only just okay at first glance, but you have to remember that in a pure Jedi deck, you are going to have lots of other tasty objectives that your opponent wants to take away. In a Yoda/ Qu Rahn deck, there are two objectives he wants to wipe out before this one (MTFBWY and Survivors), in an enhancement deck with Shadows Luke, the opponent really needs to take away the ability to surprise enhancements in the conflict phase and there is also Ties of Blood which can tend to cause big problems. Daughters of Taanab  tends to slip under the radar and for that I love it. Card draw is always useful and so if I can really defend this well, it can take sometime to get to three damage, and by then I feel I can get a few triggers off of it.

Dav Flamerock: In discussing Sarenda, we have to discuss something important: this objective set has no main. Units with a statline of unit-damage-16x15blast-damage-16x15 just don’t do a ton, even when they’re cheap. That said, black blast on the light side is something that’s woefully unavailable, and if your deck has plenty of mains then Sarenda might just be fine. Her only real defining features are her three health (which is surprisingly difficult to chew through on a 2-drop) and her interrupt, which lets you fetch an event when she is killed or sacrificed. This indicates what I believe her pod’s role is intended to be: to support other objective sets. This could be another way to Seek Yoda, or an on-demand My Ally is the Force, or a critical Force Rejuvenation. Yes, she could get Return of the Jedi, but as we’ll get to why I think that’s not likely to be your pick later.

AussieJedi: A really cheap main that has black icons, along with a great interrupt to synergise with the objective is always appreciated. The unit here has more health thank cost and that is definitely a positive in my books, plus the bonus of a tutor. It is a touch light on the unit damage, but I like to defend with this since it its fairly tough, for its cost and since its damage is black, I don’t care too much if I lose the edge with her. If she survives, then she will probably stop unopposed, whilst doing the damage to a unit, but if she dies, well I get the event to trigger the objective. Two force icons is interesting to put the Dark Side player in to a tricky spot, in that he may need to commit two units to try to win the Force back. She isn’t elite, but she does trigger Forgotten Heroes.

Dav Flamerock: Cathar Defender is a pretty boring unit. On defense, it’s actually pretty stellar with two black guns and shielding, though as a Character with 1 health it’s eminently Choke’able. Still, it only costs 1, so it’s a strictly-better Ewok Companion, and Ewok Companion is a pretty great little support unit! I think this unit is going to be just as good if it can find a home.

AussieJedi: OK, I think we have maybe the BEST chud in the game, arguably, in my mind equal, if not better than the Emperors Royal Guard. I know the Royal Guard has protect and three health, helping to keep your mains like Vader and Palpatine around longer, but how the Cathar Defender can just synergise with other sets is why I like it. It’s a one cost card that has two icons on defense and shielding that you can put onto the objective to keep it around. If you have MTFBWY in play you can gain a shield on offense, and if it survives then you can refresh it to have two guns on defense. Now he is ready to defend in your opponents turn, he has a shield on him (you put it on him last turn remember) and can throw another one on the objective when he defends. I can even play Our Most Desperate Hour on him for free and he can defend an attack with two shields. For a one cost unit, I like that over the Royal Guard any day of the week.

Now keep in mind that the first two cards in the set here haven’t costed more than two resources each. Lets move onto the fourth card…
…which is ANOTHER unit!

Dav Flamerock: Gotal Outcast returns! This is a unit whose efficacy is dubious at best; if you’re not able to take the Force on your turn, it literally has no combat icons and no abilities, making it a two-cost Force Hound that costs you a Force card… which is a bad unit. Still, there are a few cards that have made Gotals better in recent memory. The Jedi’s Resolve is the first one, since you can suddenly gain the Force out of nowhere and have two black bombs your opponent wasn’t expecting (assuming you’re alongside a unique Jedi). The Forgotten Masters, one of my least favorite objectives (as it’s a Forced Reaction I often forget which is usually irrelevant), is the other, and that’s far more interesting to me than the Jedi’s Resolve. It’s a broadcasted effect, but it also happens a lot more often since every edge battle suddenly makes these two bombs into two white bombs instead of two “less than white” bombs.

This brings me to one of the deck archetypes I can see for this pod: Sarenda into Spark of Rebellion. Spark wants 2-drop Characters, and this pod has three Spark targets. That in and of itself is interesting enough, but we need to make sure our 2-drops are actually good… and this is where The Forgotten Masters come in. Not only does the objective make the Gotal better, but the set has two interesting Spark targets and an incredible unit to resurrect with Return of the Jedi. I think there might be a deck there that can Spark a bunch of units into play, but there’s no clear deck that this exactly fits into. It has a lot of weaknesses that need to be covered by sets with more gas.

AussieJedi: Gotal Outcast is a card that is a little situational, in that he is pricey if you don’t have the Force, but I like to play him early on to set myself up for when I have the Force and can actually get some icons out of him. A little weak but what I love is that this unit is only two cost and also triggers Forgotten Heroes from Core Obi Wan.

Dav Flamerock: We’ve gotten a string of interesting and exciting reprints lately, and Return of the Jedi is no exception. That this card exists is almost insane; three Force is incredible for when you don’t need the effect, and if you do it’s like Yoda, You Seek Yoda and Unfinished Business combined to form a tutor event that generally costs less than the unit that it’s resurrecting and can bring that unit out in the middle of a conflict when your opponent isn’t ready for it. Now it can’t grab Moldy Crow or Red Five, but a surprise Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or T’ra Saa when your opponent isn’t ready can absolutely steal a game, and the unit stays in play indefinitely! The only thing that would make this more insane is if it actually cost the same amount as Unfinished Business…

AussieJedi: This a a great event and am so happy to see it reprinted. It can be pricey, but if I can play a discarded Obi- Wan that I used for four force icons in edge last turn, then I will take it. It doesn’t have to cost 3, as we will see soon, but this card is great also if you are in a pinch for the edge and need a strong card to bluff with. Three Force icons is just awesome. It also triggers off the objective and if Sarenda happened to die then I absolutely know I can tutor this card to my hand.

Dav Flamerock: We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again, and while this continues to have no effect more often than not, the games where it does have an effect are going to be absolute blowouts. Return of the Jedi only costs 1, Yoda You Seek Yoda becomes free, as does Force Rejuvenation, and since it lasts until the end of the turn you can even use it to make My Ally Is the Force a 1-cost event, which seems absolutely bonkers. This is a combo and support set, more than anything else, and it’ll be interesting to see what kinds of decks people can come up with as none of the cards in the set (beyond Prep & Planning and Return of the Jedi) really interact in any positive way with each other. It has no mains to resurrect with Return of the Jedi, it has no resources with which to play them, it has three Spark targets, it has a unit whose only relevance requires that you have the Force while attacking… it’s doing a lot of different things but I wager there’s a deck out there that can leverage all of them to an advantage.

AussieJedi: The last card in the set and it is perfect. A fate card that can reduce my next event card by two is great and it can reduce Return of the Jedi down to one cost, but even better: Jedi Mind Trick will be free, and will most likely net you two focus tokens onto a unit, since you can play the event after you have won the Force struggle. If you are in that tense edge battle and play this and Obi Wan, a deceiving two card edge stack, which turns out to be a six Force Icon count is SO powerful, plus you can get him back when you play Return of the Jedi for one.

Final Grades

Dav’s Set Statistics:
Edge Rating: Above Average (1 Good, 1 Bad)
Important Unit Cost: 2
Resource? No
Blast Icons:  on Sarenda, plus whatever the Gotal Outcast gets
Tactics Icons: None
Overall Grade: C

AussieJedi Rating:
There is no doubt that in my mind, this is a strong set. It does have some flaws, namely the lack of a resource (which I can make up with other sets), low unit damage and the blast damage that can be done by the units here is at the most three black blast, and that’s on a good day. Strong points to the set is just how cheap the units are and that we have 10 force icons in the set, along with two tutors; one from your command deck and one from the discard pile. For a Jedi deck that looks to be drawing around one to two extra cards per turn, this set is a given.
Overall Grade: B

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