Broadcasting From Sullust!

Sullust is being blockaded! News is beginning to emerge, depending on who you want to believe…       (Special thanks to Allison Reader for providing voice to our pilot!)  

Press The Attack Preview: Rebels

Important Message From The Emperor

We interrupt your daily routine today to bring you a message from the Emperor, transcribed earlier today at the official ceremony celebrating the newest hero of the Empire. These honors are not given lightly, having been earned by years of dedication to the Emperor’s service. However, in light of the recent kidnapping attempt on his […]

First Challenge: A Jedi’s Objective

You’ve found the first challenge. Congratulations! Now you know where to look. Here is your situation: Given a deck of primarily Jedi Mains (2x Luke Skywalker, 2x Yoda, 2x Kyle Katarn, 2x Qu Rahn, 1x support pods), what objective would you ship away to the bottom of your deck? The four objectives you have on […]

Second Challenge: A Jedi’s Beginning

I see you’ve returned for more. Our second challenge puts you in the driver’s seat of turn one on a very important mission: start out stronger than this Mono-Scum deck. They got a tactically-sound board, and while they’re pretty reliant on the edge battle to make the Jawa and Galactic Scum work, they’ve got two […]

Third Challenge: A Jedi’s Training

Welcome back to challenge number three. This time we’ve advanced the game state a bit, and have reached turn three. You’re piloting a similar (but not identical) mono-Jedi list, and while you’ve had a decently good start (Leia and 3PO with resources, then Rahn and more resources) you haven’t been able to punch through damage against […]

Fourth Challenge: A Jedi’s Victory

And now we come to it… the fourth and final challenge! Greater rewards and greater challenges await, and this time we arrive near the end of the game. With the Death Star Dial at nine, one light side objective already down, and an armed Slave One in play capable of destroying your final objective, you […]

Spoiler Discussion: Nar Shaddaa Drift

Welcome! I hope you enjoyed the spoiler video I recorded with doctormungmung; I’ve been excited to release the video and this review ever since we recorded it last week, and to be honest I found that the set (and the deck) worked much better than I anticipated. I think this set will go a long […]

Battle of Endor

  Everything fell apart when a stormtrooper shouted, “That’s a rebel!” and opened fire across the clearing. Mark scoped in the direction the trooper was firing, and realized they’d spotted Aisling trying to get her way up a tree on the right flank. He had less than a moment to consider his options, and he […]

Scouting Ahead

“Come in Private Barnes,” Corporal Clavin spoke into his communicator. Eryn had bandaged her side and Clavin had restored as much of his dignity as possible. At least he wasn’t dripping wet anymore. “Are you there?” There was no answer for several seconds, then, “Aisling got the last three troopers. But there’s something else. Home […]

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