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Release Review: Immeasurable Power (Pod 264)

GreedoShotFirst: With a lot of low cost troopers, there is extremely good value to this objective, especially since there are 3 Death Troopers in each pod. For this reason, for there to be a fair amount of consistency to a deck, I would run it as a 50 card deck (sorry new 7 reserve affiliations) […]

Release Review: Rogue Archaeology (Pod 263)

Dav Flamerock: This… is actually a pretty great ability. It doesn’t look like much, but I’ve played plenty with Fleeing the Empire and that can do a surprising amount of damage prevention if you know where your opponent is going to attack. It gets far more valuable on the dark side, as there’s no other light […]

Release Review: Spirit of Rebellion (Pod 262)

Farsight: This is quite an impressive objective ability even if it can be turned off by damage. Card advantage is a bit of a difficult concept in this game compared to others because of the way we draw back up to reserve, but that doesn’t mean that turning your non-Smuggler units into guaranteed two for […]

Release Review: Pushing Back the Empire (Pod 261)

AussieJedi: This is where the fun begins. This objective sets the tone for just how strong and flexible a game mechanic the Alliance mechanic has the potential to be. The reaction is beautiful to see in an affiliation that has tended to struggle with resources. With the exception of a piloted vehicle deck that has super […]

Release Review: New Affiliations

Dav Flamerock: As we’re going to see, the new affiliations based around running a 5/5 split and each affiliation being splashed “in” to an affiliation will determine that affiliation’s effect. For example, if you’re splashing Jedi or Sith into a different affiliation, you’re going to be able to refresh your units more effectively. Why is this? […]

Release Review: Allies of Necessity

You may be wondering why The Shadow Archive has been quiet since Worlds. Well, without getting into too much detail, our webmaster/host had some big life changes and then spent some extra time working on a super secret project for the Archive that will be announced in the next few months. However, we don’t want to […]

Release Review: Cloud Cover (Pod 255)

Farsight: This is a solid objective. Two resources goes well into a deck that can be pretty light on resources depending on how you build it, and the health boosting effect is extremely strong. Two health fighters will be boosted out of the one-hit kill range of many mains like Luke and Han, and three […]

Release Review: Lure of the Lost (Pod 254)

AussieJedi: This objective is a straightforward 5/1 objective and it has an ability that I thought I would like. It seems that the expense of focusing this card is just a little hard to stomach, especially at the cost of that one resource I needed for another main to keep a strong presence. If I get […]

Release Review: On the Run (Pod 253)

Dav Flamerock: On The Run gives us the Smuggler version of the “affiliated fate card” effect, and it’s in pretty stiff competition. There Is No Conflict, A New Beginning, and the rest are all very strong effects… and this one comes up short. Yes, you get an extra edge card, which probably means you’re winning the edge […]

Release Review: Haunting the Empire (Pod 252)

Farsight: Considering the powerful abilities on the other Specter objectives this lack of text is disappointing, although it’s also a hint that this pod might also find itself in plenty of other decks. The two resources almost make up for it, and open up a little bit of extra synergy with a set that plays […]

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