Worlds 2015: Tom Melucci Takes the Title!

Welcome back to the Star Wars: the Card Game World Championship coverage! Once again I managed to fight my way into the top cut, and while I didn’t make it as far on day two as last year, my friend and teammate Tom Melucci was able to crush all his opposition (including me!) on his […]

Important Message From The Emperor

We interrupt your daily routine today to bring you a message from the Emperor, transcribed earlier today at the official ceremony celebrating the newest hero of the Empire. These honors are not given lightly, having been earned by years of dedication to the Emperor’s service. However, in light of the recent kidnapping attempt on his […]

Release Review: Join Us Or Die

  Knowledge & Defense passes on, and now it’s time to Join Us or Die! In this review, I’ll go through the five new pods and offer my opinions on their power level, their usefulness, and whether they can support effective strategies or if a deck built around them can rise to the top. I […]

The Worlds 2015 Metagame

Worlds 2015 has come and gone, and while we developed a lot of fairly informed opinions going into the event, there were a number of surprises in store as well. As the final wrap-up to the tournament, let’s take a quick look at what the overall metagame of the event looked like, and what some […]

Worlds 2015 Day Two Recap

If you thought yesterday was intense… so was today! It technically started with the deck-check, but it really started with the first round, when I was put up against Zach Bunn, a pillar of the community and a very good player when he does his preparation, which he definitely did for this tournament. Not only did […]

Worlds 2015 Day One Recap

What a day! After a few stressful incidents involving lost important items (I left my laptop at the Chipotle where we got lunch @_@), I managed to pull out a solid ninth-place finish, with the only record I could have managed and still made top sixteen. It was a blast and very interesting to see […]

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