Worlds 2016 Day One: Swiss

Unlike last year, we got to play in the FFG Event Center! However, I’ll admit that after having judged the Conquest Swiss in the Radisson… the event held in the side event space was way nicer (though maybe it’s because we were the only event in the space so we could spread out). But everyone […]

Star Wars 2016 World Championships Preview

We’ve reached November again, which means it’s time for the best players in the world to converge at FFG’s headquarters in Roseville, Minnesota for the chance to compete for the ultimate prize: the World Champion trophy, and the chance to design a card for the game. Before we go deep into the nitty-gritty of the […]

Brad Emon Breaks Through To Victory!

Welcome back to the Star Wars: the Card Game World Championship coverage! Like each year, I competed in the event and provided up-to-date live coverage of the event, particularly in the final rounds. Most of the information was on Twitter, but this page should sufficiently archive the proceedings for those who couldn’t attend. If following the moment-to-moment […]

Broadcasting From Sullust!

Sullust is being blockaded! News is beginning to emerge, depending on who you want to believe…       (Special thanks to Allison Reader for providing voice to our pilot!)  

Release Review: A Wretched Hive

The last Release Review went quite well, so we’re going to do it again! How does this pack compare to the last one? Surprisingly well, actually. Smugglers and Scum both get excellent fundamental objective sets, and while the Sith and Navy might not be something worth purchasing the pack for, the Rebel one definitely is. […]

Release Review: Ancient Rivals

Welcome! You might notice that the format has changed from the way I used to do Release Reviews, and that’s because it’s not just me who wants to weigh in on the cards. We’re going to try something new, which I think will make the release review format more interesting, and which will incorporate many […]

An Introduction to Arkham Horror

Welcome to Arkham, a small city defined by its successful ivy-league university and its antique flair. Yet beneath the veneer of normalcy, things are not as they seem in this town. Horrors lurk just off the coast, beneath the streets, and sometimes even in the very minds of those seeking to understand the universe. For […]

Welcome to the Archive

Welcome to the Shadow Archive! Some of you may recognize this as the spiritual successor to Team Sandcrawla, a website that hosted regular Star Wars articles for almost two years before it was unfortunately taken down. Because I wasn’t satisfied with having to stop writing about one of the best competitive games there is, I went and […]

Galactic Weaponry

Back in February, the entire contents of the upcoming deluxe expansion, Galactic Ambitions, was spoiled [?leaked] when it was released in Spain. However, now that the English-language release date draws near, it’s time to start thinking about which objective sets are likely to be the most impactful and important.

Press The Attack Preview: Rebels

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