Confronting the Horror: Part 2

Last week I was discussing potential decklists for each investigator, as well as offering advice on how to build for that investigator to be flexible enough to support solo or two-player campaigns. Without any more preamble, I’ll continue the discussion here so we can see what would be most effective for Skids, Agnes, and Wendy. […]

Confronting the Horror: Part 1

The experience of any collectible card game is going to revolve around the deck you bring to the table, and this game is no different. Nobody wants to show up to a campaign with a deck that can’t get them anywhere! But Arkham Horror is particularly unique because it goes beyond “play all the good cards.” […]

Famous Last Words

“I was wondering if you just could explain how your DS deck works” ~RoyalAegis Since the 2016 World Championships ended, I’ve been getting some questions about my deck choices for the event. For some reason, people didn’t expect to see a Hoth Speeder deck paired with a Fate Vader into Navy Cap ship deck place […]

Evading Authority: Infrastructure Required

Sometimes, when building a deck, there are options that simply cannot be left undiscussed. Powerful pods like The Tarkin Doctrine and Asteroid Sanctuary offer such a threating yet versatile toolkit that seemingly any deck could find a way to include them. They beg the question, when will my deck actually be improved by leaving these […]

Breaking the Blockade

Looking back at the last year of releases, one faction stands far above the rest. Since Behind the Black Sun arrived last September, the Scum faction has gotten a new tournament staple in every pack. From the turbo resourcing in The Spice Trade, to dangerous mains like Bane Malar, and punishing events like Captured and […]

Evading Authority: Avoiding the 8-Slot Syndrome

When I was first introduced to the Star Wars LCG, I was told that the game was designed around having few decisions to make, each with large consequences. The first of these decisions to be made is in deckbuilding. Whereas typical card games give a player 40 to 60 choices, each decision affecting a small […]

Release the Cracken!

Recently, to celebrate Store Championship season, the forum community ran an online tournament, so the players who didn’t have local communities could still get the experience of competing in an event without having to travel hours to get there. It was cool to see the event play out, and gave us some particularly interesting deck […]

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