Worlds 2017 Day Two: Top Cut

When a regular player doesn’t make the Top Cut, there’s not a lot for them to do on Day Two. Unfortunately, I’m not a regular player, so I was at the tables along with the competitors, live-tweeting each match I decided to cover. For posterity, here you can look back at each of the games […]

Worlds 2017 Decklists

Mick Cipra Smugglers and Spies 2x May the Force Be With You 2x Spark of Rebellion 2x Sacrifice at Endor 2x The Last Warrior 2x Haunting the Empire Scum and Villainy 2x Hunter For Hire 2x Power of the Dark Side 2x Dark Lord of the Sith 1x The Emperor’s Web 1x The Killing Cold 1x Hunters of the Jedi 1x Fearsome and Foul     […]

Worlds 2017 Day One: Swiss

As Day One wraps up, we should congratulate the players who made the top cut. A significant contingent from the Minneapolis metagame have made a remarkable showing, bringing five players into the cut, even some who are brand-new players. Of the other players in the top sixteen, there are a number of returning faces: Norman […]

Introduction to Star Wars Worlds 2017

It’s May the Fourth, so you know what that means: the Star Wars World Champio… yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were feeling a little thrown off too. After all, last year’s World Championship was only six months ago, and the National and North American Championships are occurring after Worlds this year. But this […]

Worlds 2017

Worlds 2016 Day Two: Top Cut

What a day! After four grueling matches against some of the toughest opponents I know, I took Top 8 and learned something very important: you can’t win Worlds with decks you’re not intimately familiar with. If you followed my livetweeting of the event, you’ll know that my light side deck swept every opponent but my […]

Worlds 2016 Day One: Swiss

Unlike last year, we got to play in the FFG Event Center! However, I’ll admit that after having judged the Conquest Swiss in the Radisson… the event held in the side event space was way nicer (though maybe it’s because we were the only event in the space so we could spread out). But everyone […]

Star Wars 2016 World Championships Preview

We’ve reached November again, which means it’s time for the best players in the world to converge at FFG’s headquarters in Roseville, Minnesota for the chance to compete for the ultimate prize: the World Champion trophy, and the chance to design a card for the game. Before we go deep into the nitty-gritty of the […]

Brad Emon Breaks Through To Victory!

Welcome back to the Star Wars: the Card Game World Championship coverage! Like each year, I competed in the event and provided up-to-date live coverage of the event, particularly in the final rounds. Most of the information was on Twitter, but this page should sufficiently archive the proceedings for those who couldn’t attend. If following the moment-to-moment […]

Worlds 2015: Tom Melucci Takes the Title!

Welcome back to the Star Wars: the Card Game World Championship coverage! Once again I managed to fight my way into the top cut, and while I didn’t make it as far on day two as last year, my friend and teammate Tom Melucci was able to crush all his opposition (including me!) on his […]

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