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Announcing: Horror Tokens

The Shadow Archive is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with the Aether Game Cafe in Hoboken, NJ to provide the first unofficial token line for Arkham Horror: the Card Game! These beautiful wooden tokens are laser-engraved with exceptional detail and will further enrich your immersion into the Arkham Files experience. The complete token set, which […]

Confronting the Horror: Part 2

Last week I was discussing potential decklists for each investigator, as well as offering advice on how to build for that investigator to be flexible enough to support solo or two-player campaigns. Without any more preamble, I’ll continue the discussion here so we can see what would be most effective for Skids, Agnes, and Wendy. […]

Confronting the Horror: Part 1

The experience of any collectible card game is going to revolve around the deck you bring to the table, and this game is no different. Nobody wants to show up to a campaign with a deck that can’t get them anywhere! But Arkham Horror is particularly unique because it goes beyond “play all the good cards.” […]

Arkham Horror Photoshop Templates Available!

Not everyone has the photoshop skills to make their own custom cards, but for those of us that fall into that camp, Arkham Horror/Lord of the Rings community member Vardaen has us covered! He’s constructed some brilliant photoshop templates that allow you to make your own Arkham Horror cards—from investigators to assets and events to custom […]

An Introduction to Arkham Horror

Welcome to Arkham, a small city defined by its successful ivy-league university and its antique flair. Yet beneath the veneer of normalcy, things are not as they seem in this town. Horrors lurk just off the coast, beneath the streets, and sometimes even in the very minds of those seeking to understand the universe. For […]

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