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(Special thanks to Allison Reader for providing voice to our pilot!)


Evading Authority: Infrastructure Required

Sometimes, when building a deck, there are options that simply cannot be left undiscussed. Powerful pods like The Tarkin Doctrine and Asteroid Sanctuary offer such a threating yet versatile toolkit that seemingly any deck could find a way to include them. They beg the question, when will my deck actually be improved by leaving these cards out? Does a navy deck really need to run a full complement of the Moff to be Tier 1? Or does his arrival come with hidden taxes, fees, and loss of synergy that may have been unexpected?

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Release Review: I Don’t Like You Either (Pod 240)

Dav Flamerock: I’m not sure what you think, but this objective is completely insane. Events can be very powerful (look at cards like Force Lightning and Captured) and are generally appropriately costed for the effect they get. Being able to duplicate an event’s effects at zero cost is unbelievable, especially as early as turn zero. This is an objective that’s going to break games wide open when it appears, whether it copies your bonkers events or your opponent’s. I almost don’t have any more to say about it than, “this objective is probably just broken.”

AussieJedi: This objective seems super interesting. This has the potential to blow the lid off the deckbuilding for the LS, since the player need to consider that any tricks that he/she will have up their sleeve are going to be done to them. I am really excited to see the potential inversion of a LS event against that player. Gone are my favourite Jedi Mind Tricks, my Force Rejuvenations. You can even cancel a cancel to keep your event still in motion. The resource and damage are still same-same with 5-1 but let see if the ability is more uselful than the rest of the set.

Farsight: The worst thing you can say about this objective is that the pod doesn’t synergize with it very well, as it only has one event that is very conditional to use and not a good target for duplication. Other than that, it’s all great. Scum has plenty of nasty events from Captured to Threat Removal. It even has ways to buff the damage capacity of its objectives and remove damage off of them. You could also try it with Enforced Loyalty, though the affiliation restriction makes that a tricky idea. All that is only if you are copying your own event cards – even though the best light side event is You Seek Yoda and that’s pretty useless to copy, there are still events like Rebel Assault and Bamboozled that are great to steal. All in all this is an objective you’ll always be happy to see in your opening flop, as even decks that aren’t built around this ability will still have events that are good targets.

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Release Review: Pattern Analysis (Pod 239)

Farsight: This is an odd one. The only kind of unit enhancement that the Imperial Navy has ever cared about is pilot cards, and this objective specifically excludes them. The other contents of the pod suggest this is meant for a Trooper deck, but that deck mainly uses play area enhancements like Orbital Bombardment and Imperial Discipline. In the end, the only card I can think of that might have some synergy with this is Promotion, and part of that card’s appeal is that you don’t have to risk the enhanced unit in combat. So, does this card herald a new direction for Navy troopers? Perhaps it’s just part of this cycle’s theme? Either way, without more support for Navy unit enhancements this objective is mostly a downer. It has synergy with cards in this pod, but only two (or four) unit enhancements in a deck does not mean this can be used reliably.

AussieJedi: Out of the gate we have a plain old 5-1 objective for Navy but this ability seems really nice. There are so many units that come with a sweet enhancement in the set, that this seems like it would be easy to obtain. A couple of strong mains come to mind; Mara Jade, Darth Vader, Boba Fett… wait, these are all non navy cards. So it begs the question what Navy non-Vehicle mains come with an enhancement? Not that many, so looks like at first glance this set might actually splash into another affiliation.

Edge 1 is a super strong ability to have and were I to have this card and get Mara and her lightsaber on her, then I would be laughing: shielding, targeted strike and elite whilst I get the lightsaber on her AND edge 1? YES!

Dav Flamerock: An objective granting lots of units edge (1) is a very powerful ability, as Hoth Operations has shown us. However, I worry because this objective has a lot of conditions, which means it might have some trouble. This is a problem that goes through the whole pod, because this is a pod that really encourages you to put enhancements on your non-Vehicle Navy units… but unlike Zeb’s pod, which more or less did the same thing, this pod has almost no outside support. All the dark side precedents for having units with enhancements on them basically just fall into two categories: Sith wielding Lightsabers and Vehicles flown by Pilots. Now there’s the corner case of Promotion to consider, I suppose, but really this pod kinda has to support itself, which is sad. I think I’d be most likely to pair it with the likes of Mara and Core Vader… but then you’ll see there’s other cards in the pod that want you to stay Navy.

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Release Review: The Emperor’s Cabal (Pod 238)

Farsight: This is a nice, but not particularly game changing, ability. It’s even more conditional that it looks, since to cycle events you need to first get them into the discard pile, then win a force struggle, THEN draw it again out of your deck. That’s a whole lot of work that’s not even going to give a consistent result thanks to the size of your command deck. Overall, you’ll never turn down free value like this but it’s not something that will make or break your deck.

Dav Flamerock: In most games, shuffling a card back into your deck doesn’t really affect the game. But in this game it can be a huge boon. Because you draw six new cards every turn, you’re actually quite likely to see the card you shuffle in as the game goes on, and because of the edge battle system, you don’t even need to be shuffling in an event you want to play. Imagine you used this to keep refilling your deck with Chain Reactions or Executive Overrides to win edge battles. Now there’s a real problem of over-using this objective: make sure the event you’re shuffling in is something you actually plan on needing later. Don’t shuffle in Force Lightning unless you feel confident you’ll keep a stronger board presence than your opponent, and don’t shuffle in high-edge events unless your units are staying on the board long enough to justify a deck weighted towards edge battles. This objective can be very powerful but its power is subtle—revolving around events becomes dangerous when you need units to win the game.

AussieJedi: We start out strong with an objective that I really like. You get to shuffle an event card from your discard pile into your deck when you win a Force struggle and, lets face it, a Sith deck is going to be wining quite a few of those. I like being able to pull a Force Lightning back or even a Dark Precognition for a great way to really churn through your deck. The Objective itself is pretty standard in being a 5-1 objective, but that ability really sets it apart.

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Release Review: The Last Warrior (Pod 237)

AussieJedi: Yet another 5-1 objective here with a few interesting points to chat about. As with the Sabine objective, a second objective for the LS to give us influence keyword. The objective’s ability is good, but not amazing as there aren’t a ton of Spectre units yet; just Sabine, Kanan, and now Zeb in this set, so not a lot of ways for this objective to fire.

Farsight: Even when the full Specter deck is available this objective card’s effect won’t very good – not least because the effects on Spark of Rebellion and Explosives Artist are a lot more beneficial for you than this one. Even when you can get a Specter unit on the board, there are plenty of Dark Side decks that only draw cards during the draw step and are unaffected by this card. So what cards can this stop? The Imperial MSE-6 Droid, the Zygerrian Slaver, and various Sith cards like Dark Precognition, Counsel of the Sith and the Inquisitor can all be turned off by this objective. It also lets you break the symmetry on effects like Holding All the Cards and Moisture Vaporator. While these are all good things, the double condition of needing the objective + a Specter unit means it is very unreliable and not worth building around. Of course, this card actually has two abilities, and the other one is much better. Influence is a very strong keyword and means this pod is a good choice for tri-faction decks or decks with an awkward faction split. Decks like that will be much happier to see this card on the flop compared to a Specter deck.

Dav Flamerock: At first blush, this looks like an awesome objective: it says Influence! Being able to provide a resource match for every affiliation alleviates a LOT of difficulty in deckbuilding, and that makes the stock of this objective go way up. However, if that’s all it did I’m not sure I’d consider it to be pulling its weight. Objectives these days need to help me win the game, not just prevent me from stumbling. I’d prefer even a vanilla 2-resource objective over a 1-resource objective with just Influence. So that’s the question, then: is the second effect worth it? Well, if you can get it to work it’ll be very strong. Shutting down cards like Counsel of the Sith, Mouse Droid, and Masterful Manipulation are all very strong, and you can even combo it with in-faction cards like Sabaac Shift and Holding All the Cards to do really cruel things to your opponent. However, the condition requires that you control a Specter unit… and I don’t feel like that’s going to be a reliable condition to meet. First you have to draw the unit, it has to be worth playing, and your opponent has to not kill it. Right now, I don’t feel like Zeb, Sabine, or Kanan are worth playing on their own (they all kinda need other units for them to support) but if we ever got a really cheap Specter then this effect might become more reliable.

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Release Review: Resourceful Survivors (Pod 236)

Dav Flamerock: This objective says it lets you play events from your discard pile, but that’s not what it actually does. What this actually does is draw you cards: with the caveat that those cards are always going to be Rebel events. There are some incredible Rebel events that you can play multiple times with this thing, from Rebel Assault to A New Hope to Desperation. But I think the most powerful use of this objective will be with cards like Infiltration (which is normally used for edge) and Scouting Ahead (which costs 0 resources and puts a good card in your hand). This isn’t an objective that requires you to jam your deck full of Rebel events so long as you have a good few ones; I’d rather have two or three good events to recur than eight or ten… it’s not like I’d be playing them all! But this objective can definitely get some powerful utility out of pods that otherwise struggle to see play (see: Winter). Do note that this requires an action window to resolve, so it won’t let you fire off Reaction events like Concentrated Fire from the discard pile.

Farsight: For years Rebel characters have been focusing on fate cards and the edge battle, now this objective shows up. Does it signal an orientation change for the faction? We’ll find out. In the meantime this free flashback ability is eye catching, though limited by the affiliation restriction. Rebels have a group of powerful events from Rebel Assault back in the core set to new things like Scouting Ahead in Derlin’s set, not to mention the ones included in this pod. Unlike a lot of objective abilities I think this one is strong enough to build around. Even better, Rebels are the faction that can best control their own objectives with cards like the new Leia and events like Use the Force, Luke. This objective is one to keep an eye on, especially going forward when new events are printed in Rebel sets. Lastly the Yavin 4 trait means more these days with cards like Dodonna, which is another plus.

AussieJedi: Beginning the review is the Rebel Alliance set Resourceful Survivors and once again it’s a 5-1 objective. It has a really unique action that is a limit once per turn; “Play a Rebel event card from your discard pile. Then, remove that event card from the game.” I like this ability a fair bit since I love Rebel Assault so much for the light side, and this basically says “use the event and use it again immediately”, provided you have the resources. The thing is, the event is toast for the game and I mean it can never come back. Is Star Wars The Card Game getting a dead pile? I would like this so much more if it said play any event card from your discard pile, as I would love a bamboozle double play. Not a bad ability. I have to say the Jan Dodonna does trigger when this objective is used to pay for a card, which is nice to see. Let’s see how the rest of the set plays out.

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Release Review: A Wretched Hive

The last Release Review went quite well, so we’re going to do it again! How does this pack compare to the last one? Surprisingly well, actually. Smugglers and Scum both get excellent fundamental objective sets, and while the Sith and Navy might not be something worth purchasing the pack for, the Rebel one definitely is. Vanden Willard might just be the shake up the dark side needs to contend with going forward. But more specifically, what do we think of the individual objective sets this time around? Read on!

Remember: Each objective set will get its release review on a different day, starting with Vanden Willard on Monday and ending with I Don’t Like You Either on Friday.

A Wretched Hive

Horn of Gondor Woes

Of the iconic objects in Lord of the Rings, there are only a few that come to everyone’s mind: The One Ring; Anduril, the Sword that was Broken; the Mirror of Galadriel; Sting; the Horn of Gondor. When a player sits down to play a game in which they are the heroes of Middle-earth, these are the kinds of equipment they want to be putting on their heroes. Who doesn’t want to be equipping their Boromir and Aragorn with blades as storied as Anduril, Flame of the West, or risking to scry into their deck with the Mirror of Galadriel? It lets you feel like you are the epic heroes depicted in Tolkien’s work, wielding artifacts from ancient history and imbued with power beyond that of normal items. The art of ring-craft is gone, and all that remains are the likes of Narya, Nenya, and Vilya.

It would be a shame if one of those epic pieces of equipment were really bad.

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Release Review: Heartless Tactics (Pod 235)

Farsight: Flopping this card along with The Hunters is pretty much guaranteed to drive your light side opponent up the wall. This is an extremely strong objective with multiple important synergies – the damage capacity bonuses that Scum have with objectives like The Hunters and cards like Jabba’s Palace, and the objectives that power up from captured cards such as Jabba’s Reach and Findsman’s Intuition. Just having this objective makes older sets like those more playable because of how well they all work together. The last two pods I want to mention are the automatic capture objectives Tatooine Crash and the Slave Trade. Those are another two powerful sets that get even better here. It’s crazy how many powerful combinations there are with this set. You can really just mix and match with any Scum set you like.

AussieJedi: The Scum release is the final set in this Force Pack (sorry Navy, no release for you…. come back next pack) and once again we get a plain 5/1 damage capacity and resource allocation, but to complement that, we have an ability I always like to see. If you have a Scum objective that has a captured card, this objective protects a damage once per turn. It’s a really strong ability that depends on you capturing a card, obviously and we have that ability in the event later, but at a cost.

Dav Flamerock: Don’t get me wrong: this objective is insane. If you can get a card captured at each of your objectives, you’re going to be essentially increasing your opponent’s victory condition by 1 every turn, something that adds up very fast (especially when you have 2). Compare this to the similar card in Repair and Refurbish: both slow down your opponent’s victory condition, but one does it proactively while the other requires you to have a damaged objective during your refresh, something a clever opponent is going to be able to play around. This one you can even fire off in the middle of combat if you can drop in Pilot Boba with a Stay on Target to suddenly control a captured card at the engaged objective. If capture decks become a major player, this pod will be a huge part of it.

Farsight: Dengar is back! First seen in a subpar Hoth set and most recently spotted wrecking the X-Wing miniature game, Dengar is here and he’s very good. Assuming you have the ability to capture cards regularly, this card has incredible versatility. White and black icons are different, so if you can win the edge (pretty easy for Scum) you can easily double up on tactics icons, or blast if you are on the offensive. With the elite keyword and 3 force icons he can also hold the force quite nicely if necessary as well. Without captured cards he is overcosted but it only takes one or two to make this into a pretty great main.

AussieJedi: Here we the brand new Dengar and he is not that much different than that of the first one we got, except that he has an extra Force icon and this new one is Elite. I have to say that I partly like this Dengar more than the first one because of the event helping you to trigger his ability. I feel that he is terrible early game and for that a little expensive (although he is a main), so maybe an extra icon would have been nice (it could even have been edge enabled), but I understand why, should you have three objectives with captured cards, he then becomes extremely well costed. Seeing as the icons must be different, there is no way a player can get three focus of the same colours or example. I also feel that it calls out to me that he is better on defense, but will need to play with him just a bit more to see if my gut is true.

Dav Flamerock: Sometimes there are Mains that, if they ever get to strike, will take complete control of the board, like Emperor Palpatine. Then there are mains that, if unopposed, will win you the game so fast you didn’t even realize what had happened, like Red Five. Dengar is both of these at once. Getting captured cards for the sake of captured cards isn’t all that difficult these days; The Tatooine Crash will accumulate cards, Ephant Mon and Pilot Boba capture on-demand, and Prince Xizor can randomly steal cards when your opponent tries to get ahead. Once you have cards captured at two objectives, suddenly this guy becomes better than Thrawn, better than Luke, and at three captured cards he’s nuts. The only thing keeping him in check is the fact that he can’t gain the same icon twice—but a white tactics and a black tactics are considered different icons, so he threatens to be, at any moment, a unit-damage-16x15unit-damage-16x15tactics-16x15edge-tactics-16x15 or unit-damage-16x15unit-damage-16x15unit-damage-16x15tactics-16x15 or unit-damage-16x15unit-damage-16x15blast-damage-16x15edge-blast-damage-16x15… and this is only assuming two captured cards! Pair this guy with Rage or Black Market Exchange (assuming he’s enhanced) to really go nuts. The Chimaera never had it this good.

Farsight: The two cost chud with black unit damage and white blast is pretty common right now, and it’s just okay. He also comes with the Carbonite Transport ability, which can be very useful in decks with capture synergies or pretty much blank otherwise. A decent unit overall.

AussieJedi: This is a good chud for the set. Once again we get a 2 health, 2 cost and 2 icon chud, but what I like about this is that one of his icons is a blast (sure it’s white, but c’mon it’s a blast), his ability synergises and really helps Dengar to shine. The best case scenario is that you attack with this unit when everything is already focused down so you have no fear of him dying. He can use his ability without fear of reprisal and that is pretty good.

Dav Flamerock: Well, the biggest problem with Dengar is that having a single objective that’s loaded up with captured cards, since he cares about the number of objectives with captured cards. In a cute mirroring of Dengar’s ship, Punishing One, the Security Operator arrives as a blast chud that moves your captured cards around. He’s not a good card by any stretch of the imagination, but if you have the time and money to put him out, he’ll pull mean swaps on your opponent’s attempts to rescue units, and maximize any “captured matters” effects your objectives might have.

Farsight: This card is super strong, and feels like drawing another copy of the objective out of your command deck. In addition to the resource and damage capacity – which would already make this a great card – that last ability lets you turn on objectives that work off captured cards even if you can’t actually capture anything. It even has two edge pips, though it’s so strong I can’t really imagine pitching it.

AussieJedi: This card yells out from the top of Cloud City; SYNERGY SYNERGY SYNERGY. Just when you need something for Dengar to get that tactics you need, or an extra blast so that you could possibly strike against that objective next turn for just an unopposed. This card drops and not only does it hit the table with the resounding sound of capture, it does so in giving you two damage capacity to yet again throw off the combat math that the LS needed to take out that last objective, and it even has a resource. All this week, the three of us have been giving the objective sets credit, where credit is due, but one consistent point that we have all brought up is: please give us just a few more resource providing enhancements.  This set does just that. Could you imagine just what The DL-44 Blaster from the new Han set would have been like if it came with a resource, or how forever changed Sabine’s 3x enhancement heavy objective set would have been like if it came with a resource too? It makes deck building so much easier, when you have the comfort of taking a strong set with a resource and for that I applaud the designers. 2 cost does seem well costed, for what you get with the set, but it is a tad expensive early and early on is when I want to give Dengar that icon. It does hit your tempo, but maybe you are in a situation, where you mulliganed into a less than desirable hand and you have a chud, a few enhancements or fate cards and this card. Maybe you have no tempo yet and this is a great card for a board setup.

Dav Flamerock: This is a very curious resource. On the one hand, it’s a 2-1 non-limited resource with some upside (granting +1 captured card, for those cards that care). On the other hand, it’s a resource that sets you behind the turn you play it, and since it goes on an objective it’s susceptible to being destroyed. Now I don’t actually expect it to be destroyed during the course of a game, given the ability on Heartless Tactics and the fact that you’ll always put this on your lowest-priority objective. At that point, it becomes a question: is it really any different than a generic 2-1 nonlimited resource? Probably not, because if you put it on an objective like The Findsman’s Intuition or Jabba’s Reach that rewards you for having captured cards then your opponent is just going to go after it and destroy it. That said, the dream does exist: equip this to Findsman’s with Heartless Tactics out so Dengar’s objective can protect your really high-value Zuckuss objective that’s winning your Force struggles.

Farsight: Speaking of older cards coming back, here comes Captured. First printed in Greedo’s very forgettable set, it’s back now in a much, much better pod. While it does have a your turn only limitation, the ability to steal any light side unit off the board with no other conditions makes this a terror for the light side. Outside of the rare event cancel they can’t play around this, other than trying to win the game in one turn. For years Force Lightning has been the number one dark side removal event but I think Captured could take the title, because it also happens to synergize so well with the rest of this set and a lot of what Scum is doing in general. This card is great, and frankly, Scum did not need it in a set as good as this one. They were doing just fine already!

AussieJedi: Maybe this pack should have been renamed “Reprint City”? But seriously we have received Join Me, Don’t Get Cocky and now this. I feel that this is the best of the three, but man is it expensive. Look at what you could do with that captured card… Look at someone like core Yoda with a ton of enhancements, even Ataru Training. Look at Qu Rahn who can not only protect damage, but send it back to your objective and take down the benefit of Fortified Holding Cells. Maybe the new Han who has the deadly Targeted Strike ability or Chewie who is using guns to take the Force. This is the card you need. You may not be running Force Lightning, so this ability to just take out a problem main, early on, is so invaluable. Even more that Lightning, is that this adds synergy to Dengar and throw down a Cloud City Incinerator (set 52) to make sure there is no way the LS player can get the unit back. Sure, it needs to,be played in your turn, but there are so many times I really wish core Luke Skywalker didn’t have that pesky ability of taking off a focus at the beginning of the DS player turn, I just want to Capture the poor soul. Tell me I am wrong.

Dav Flamerock: Are you kidding? This is the Scum Force Lightning, which makes it incredible! And to see it in such a playable objective set really makes me think this objective set is one that players are going to have to contend with for a while. “Play only during your turn” means it’s never going to deny strike economy from your opponent, but the truth is that paying 3 to take an enemy main off the board, whether that’s a refreshed Echoes Yoda or Luke Skywalker, or a problematic General Jan Dodonna or Home One, is always going to be very strong. The only thing that could be stronger is if it only cost you 1 resource…

Farsight: It looks like this cycle is going to have a lot of interesting fate cards and this is one of the better ones. Scum have a lot of tricky event cards as well as scary ones like Captured and Vicious Counterattack. Since it is a fate card you have to be able to use your events in the conflict phase, as well as looking out for things like Twist, but a lot of the best Scum events are already conflict-focused.

AussieJedi: Do you think we can keep the gravy train of synergy going? Yes. This fate card will be so invaluable for not only Captured, but so many other fate cards that are amazing, like Shadows of the Empire, Spice Blitz, or even Rise of the Black Sun. I have come to realize that most of the events for scum that are really useful and too situational all cost one, so you are not really optimizing the ability of this Fate card. One trick that that bears mention is use Prep and Planning to reduce Pay Out to 0, take the tokens off as per the event and then use Show Of Force. sure it costs 5, but that means you can get some strong Black Sun units out to close the game. Great Fate card.

Dav Flamerock: This is the first time we’ve seen this Fate card, but it seems unlikely that this is going to be the last. This is a fate card that makes your combat trick almost-free, which is kind of a big deal. Now I figure this’ll be less of a blowout than what players can imagine, simply because it does actually nothing unless you have the follow-up event. However, if you can use this to power out an almost-irrelevantly-1-cost Captured, or Force Lightning, or even getting a free Rage for Dengar… zero is the amount of resources I want to spend on my combat tricks, and this fate card makes that possible. I can’t wait to see how players break this card, and I do think they will.

Final Grades

Farsight Rating:
This is one of the best sets that Scum has ever received, and that’s saying something after all the pods they’ve gotten recently. While a lot of the Scum pods in the last year have not revolved around the capture mechanic, this pod does and it has the potential to bring back some of the older sets I detailed earlier due to how good it is. Ultimately there’s not too much to say here, all the cards range from good to great and there is very little in the way of costs or drawbacks that might affect deckbuilding. Jam two in every mono-Scum deck from here to eternity!
Overall Grade: A

AussieJedi Rating:
Give this set a shot with Dengar: The Hunt For Han Solo (52)

As I mentioned before, I like the robust flavours of the capture event from Dengar brought to life by the enhancement of Cloud City Incinerator meaning you can destroy the LS mains, but you get a focus token removal by simply revealing the card whose identity your opponent knew all along. Sure the Force icon count in Hunt For Han Solo is not too crash-hot, but Dengar’s set makes up for it. Preparation and Planning comes through for the event, Carbonite Chamber Activation, thus allowing you to hit that defender with some focus for free. The chuds in the objective are arguably better than the main in that of the Ugnaught, a serviceable resource provider.

Final score? This set screams A+ to me. I mean it has a four cost main, meaning if that is all you get turn one, then you can play it, it has a resource, 10 force icons that aren’t locked in fate cards and don’t get discarded as per Ancient Rivals and the chud even has a blast. I don’t know but I feel like what you are paying for in Dengar isn’t early game life shattering and will take a while to open up. I even feel like Dengar is better suited for a defensive role on the board and the resource, albeit awesome, at the end of the day is a tempo hit. The event is pretty magical, for a hefty price. I also love the objective..but…

I think it’s safe to say that at first I was leaning to an A- but here is the kicker and probably gonna get some hate for this (sets 1,2,3 and 4 receiving A-, A+, A+ and A respectively), yes we can love a whole pack, but I am giving this scum set a B+. I wish there was something in between, but what tipped it down to the B land is just how expensive the event is (should you not have the fate card play out) and the tempo hit for your game to have the enhancement, as awesome as it is. The main is expensive for what you get from Dengar at face value too.
Overall Grade: B+

Dav’s Set Statistics:
Edge Rating: Above Average (1 Good, 1 Bad)
Important Unit Cost: 4
Resource? Yes
Blast Icons: If you want! Also, edge-blast-damage-16x15 on Security Operator
Tactics Icons: If you want!
Overall Grade: A-

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