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Announcing: Horror Tokens

The Shadow Archive is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with the Aether Game Cafe in Hoboken, NJ to provide the first unofficial token line for Arkham Horror: the Card Game! These beautiful wooden tokens are laser-engraved with exceptional detail and will further enrich your immersion into the Arkham Files experience. The complete token set, which comes with identical contents to the Core Set (30 resources, 30 clues/dooms, 18 horror, and 27 damage), gives you enough to easily supply a pair of players with what you need to delve into the darkness of the Mythos.

While the damage and horror are pretty standard, we wanted to do something special with the resources. When you’re working with cardboard you’re restricted to two dimensions, but we wanted these resources to feel like they were something you earned: so these crates are sculpted into three dimensions to truly come alive on your tabletop. When you have these on the table in front of you, you won’t want to spend them unless you absolutely have to!

If you’re interested in purchasing a set of Horror Tokens, click the link below to be transferred to our Tokens Page, which has more information as well as a link to the Aether Game Cafe webstore.

Aether Horror Tokens

Release Review: Cloud Cover (Pod 255)

Farsight: This is a solid objective. Two resources goes well into a deck that can be pretty light on resources depending on how you build it, and the health boosting effect is extremely strong. Two health fighters will be boosted out of the one-hit kill range of many mains like Luke and Han, and three health fighters will now have the health of a small capital ship. Really, the fighter deck’s biggest problem at this point is that they have so many good objective effects they want on the battlefield, which is a decent problem to have.

AussieJedi: Its great to see another navy objective that is geared towards fighters, and one with two resources on their objective. I really mean that when you need to ramp up the deployment, this will help make that happen. I really think that the objective’s ability is the key here to adding to a viable navy fighters deck. To be able to get an additional health on fighters when they are piloted is awesome, couple that with Closed Formation (you get a shield on a fighter when it enters play) and you go from a two health fighter to a 4 health one and that is pretty amazing.

Dav Flamerock: On the one hand, 2-resource objectives are generically good due to the flexibility they give you in deployment. On the other hand… this is the third so-called “5-2 objective” we’ve seen now for the dark side that ALSO has powerful game text. Why is the dark side constantly getting overpowered objectives? This is getting almost frustrating. That said, here’s an objective that’s going to make your 181st TIE Interceptors even harder to kill, and make your pilots more valuable as they’re harder to get rid of. This combined with The Empire’s Elite is going to make units like Baron Fel unstoppable. And all this on a 2-resource objective.

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Release Review: Lure of the Lost (Pod 254)

AussieJedi: This objective is a straightforward 5/1 objective and it has an ability that I thought I would like. It seems that the expense of focusing this card is just a little hard to stomach, especially at the cost of that one resource I needed for another main to keep a strong presence. If I get to a point where I have lots of other resources to use for my units, then its probably late in the game and I may or may not need another unit. Not sure if other people out there feel the same.

Dav Flamerock: This objective is all about the long game. It’s not an effect we’ve never seen before—Sector Garrison allowed us spend a resource to shuffle away cards we wanted back into our decks—but it’s less useful on an objective and awkward being locked into doing it after you refresh. Objectives are all about the early game, and this effect doesn’t start having relevant value until at least turn 4. Also, you have to shuffle away a card before you draw up to your starting hand, so it’s very possible you could accidentally resource-screw yourself. Given how risky it is, and the fact that this is a long-game objective ability in a very aggressive objective set… I’m not super excited about it.

Farsight: This is a rather lame objective for the pod. There’s almost no synergy with the other cards here and the cost of having to focus the objective is too high. Sith are not as resource rich as the other two DS factions and they will have trouble paying for it. On top of that, you have to use it during refresh before you draw and see if you need the money for that turn. This is an ability you might use once per game, if at all. It seems clear the power in this pod was reserved for the other cards.

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Release Review: On the Run (Pod 253)

Dav Flamerock: On The Run gives us the Smuggler version of the “affiliated fate card” effect, and it’s in pretty stiff competition. There Is No Conflict, A New Beginning, and the rest are all very strong effects… and this one comes up short. Yes, you get an extra edge card, which probably means you’re winning the edge battle, but frankly that’s just not as good as gaining/denying resources or striking immediately/ejecting combatants. Being able to only trigger off of four cards in the deck and not being wildly effective means that this is mostly just a blank objective. That’s unfortunate, given how important nutty objectives are in this game, but not a deal-breaker.

AussieJedi: Its been a while since we got a strong 6 health smug objective and it brings just a single resource here, but it’s the ability that is interesting. The ability to check to see if you are able to win edge is very appealing and that fact that you don’t have to put it in if it is a great card, but doesn’t win edge, is fantastic.

Farsight: In keeping with the theme of this pod, there’s a whole lot going on here. The affiliation lock is disappointing because this would pretty fun pod to splash into other character decks. The edge reaction is actually something we’ve seen before on the Last Defense of Hoth pod, but this one isn’t turned off by damage. This won’t be that easy to trigger since it has to be one of this pod’s fate cards, and even then having the option to get a card off the top of your deck into the edge isn’t always useful. It could have no pips, or it could be a card you need to draw instead. Still, once or twice a game this could let you steal an edge battle you might have lost so it’s hard to turn down. It’s even got 6 health for some reason, which we also won’t turn down.

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Release Review: Haunting the Empire (Pod 252)

Farsight: Considering the powerful abilities on the other Specter objectives this lack of text is disappointing, although it’s also a hint that this pod might also find itself in plenty of other decks. The two resources almost make up for it, and open up a little bit of extra synergy with a set that plays well with this one – Mission to Talay  – and if you can get Inspiring Presence down on Hera suddenly this gets a lot better.

AussieJedi: So for the Rebel set in this Force Pack, we have Hera Syndulla. The objective we get is a nice 2 resource one and the lack of influence (we can’t have it all) on the card may force you into a Rebel affiliation for a rainbow Spectre deck. That may be a help, or simply a hindrance.

Dav Flamerock: I’ve (somewhat) recently decided that 2-resource objectives are excellent, even if they have no text. Being in the same objective set as a Leader also helps, thanks to the new Mon Mothma, so I’m happy to see this here. Whether it’s in a Rebel deck or a Specter deck, this objective will help you play what you need.

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Release Review: Stand Together (Pod 251)

Farsight: Influence is a powerful objective ability, as we have already seen on Zeb and Sabine’s objective. I expect this won’t be much different. They are key to how the Specter deck makes it tri-affiliation split work, and they’ll be even more important in the future with the split affiliation cards coming in the next cycle. The ability can also be pretty handy in the Specter deck when you’re on offense, allowing you to attack with all your mains but still hold the Force.

Dav Flamerock: I actually really like this objective. Anything that helps you hold the Force without having to commit units is very powerful, as your opponent has no option of focusing out your objective to eliminate its contribution. This means that once you have the Force, if your opponent wants it back they need to commit a unit with three or more Force icons to take it back… that’s a Main they’re not attacking with (and who will be double-focused on defense). That said, the huge amount of Force icons given to you isn’t free. You do have to control two Specters, which is sometimes harder than you think (though less so when Spark of Rebellion exists). If you can make it through an attack step without losing either of your two Specters, this objective might just say “reduce the Dial by 1” by stealing the Force for you. And while Influence doesn’t do much on its own, it definitely helps make up for the difficulty you might have in activating this objective by making this fit into almost any combination of affiliations.

AussieJedi: So we see the Rebels crew fleshed out just a little more with Ezra’s set. This objective is a really interesting one. Influence is one step closer to a viable rainbow deck and the ability is pretty sweet. In a game where the LS moves into the first turn being behind the 8 ball as the DS already has begun to set up their board and has taken the Force, then I like that there is something to assist in getting it back. If someone had said to me, “Hey, there is an objective that gives you Force icons when you have Spectres on the board,” I would have expected to receive just one, so two is a nice touch. Sure, you need two Spectres out, but as we are seeing with the Spectre deck that is emerging, as we speak, then that is not a tall order.

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Release Review: Power of the Force

We have the Power of the Force! And good lord is this a Force Pack. I could be wrong, but as far as I can tell, at least 4 of these objective sets are bonkers. And time will tell how good Ezra Bridger ends up being. If you’re unsure whether or not to buy this pack, I can answer that question for you: DO IT. Hera and BoShek at the very least offer the light side a huge amount of new power and variety, while dark side gets a potent (if narrow) Sith set and a very valuable addition to Navy’s fighter lineup. I can’t wait to see what players can concoct with the power of Hera and BoShek at their disposal. We’ve already started to see the Avenger and Sith Executor pair up with Rev Naraan…

Remember: Each objective set will get its release review on a different day, starting with Stand Together on Monday and ending with Cloud Cover on Friday.

Power of the Force

Ion Control Podcast #31

Ion Control Podcast #31

Release Review: His High Exaltedness (Pod 250)

AussieJedi: This is the only objective in this pack release to receive 2 resources on it and it even comes with a really awesome ability that is going to cause huge issues. The quality of cards that you can return to hand from discard is just something for the LS to be worried about. It can happen more easily when your opponent decides that Spice Trade just needs to go and so he will pay double the price for hitting it. Some events to mention returning; Payout, Sonic Detonation (to take two of their Force cards away), Captured, and even Relentless Pursuit (for that really good look at your opponents deck in case you missed something). Really, this list is just too massive to put all down here.

Dav Flamerock: The king has arrived! After much bemoaning from the playerbase, Jabba the Hutt finally receives a second iteration, and boy is it a doozie. Like the special treatment that the Chimaera got on its objective, Jabba gets an objective with a relevant ability in addition to a 2-resource objective. For someone as expensive as Jabba, having access to a “5-2” objective seems crucial, so you can play him on your first turn. But that it also gives you an effect (and a powerful one at that) reminds us that this version of Jabba the Hutt is designed explicitly to be among the most powerful cards in the Scum and Villainy faction. Does it do it? Well when Jabba makes your Scum events cheaper, the only thing I’d want is a way to get to play my most powerful Scum event, like Captured or Spice Blitz, again and again until the Dial hits 12.

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