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Natural Cover

Mark Gliesen hadn’t had a chance to draw his A281 before he dove into the bushes, but at least he had a line of sight on the troopers descending into the riverbed. As he watched them, his mind flashed to the corpse of the trooper he’d been trying to hide before and thanked the Rebellion […]

Strike Team Specialist

“What are you talking about?” Mark hissed. If Dale Barnes had heard him setting his own trap, there was no way the troopers had missed the Corporal’s high-pitched, nasal voice in otherwise quiet woods. Yet here he was, following the Corporal through the underbrush. “We’ve been monitoring this area for the past thirty minutes, and […]

Major Bren Derlin

In the moment before Major Bren Derlin’s voice came softly over his communicator, Mark heard the rustle again from the forest. “Repeat, Gliesen, it sounded like you said company.” Aisling was already halfway up the nearest tree, and Mark watched her hand signals as she indicated the approaching patrol. “Roger Major, seven scout troopers on […]

Leaked Message: Maarek Stele’s Future

Intercepted: Private message to Darth Vader from Emperor Palpatine Regarding: Maarek Stele’s Future I’m surprised it took you this long to sense it, Lord Vader. He has been rising in the ranks of my Secret Order ever since after the Battle of Hoth, when my prophets discovered him on the insignificant Outpost D-34. How else did […]

Playing as Maarek Stele

So what do you think? Now that you know who Maarek Stele is (with a trip down memory lane for those who played TIE Fighter back in the early ’90s), the question becomes: what can you do with him? First, on the off-chance that you missed them, let’s review what comes in the pod: (Yes, […]

Worlds 2015 Day Two Recap

If you thought yesterday was intense… so was today! It technically started with the deck-check, but it really started with the first round, when I was put up against Zach Bunn, a pillar of the community and a very good player when he does his preparation, which he definitely did for this tournament. Not only did […]

Worlds 2015 Day One Recap

What a day! After a few stressful incidents involving lost important items (I left my laptop at the Chipotle where we got lunch @_@), I managed to pull out a solid ninth-place finish, with the only record I could have managed and still made top sixteen. It was a blast and very interesting to see […]

Worlds 2015 Player Profiles

Johnny Shen Online Identity: No, I’m actually not online on any of the forums. Location: Houston, Texas Occupation: I’m in IT Playtest Team: I played on OCTGN a few times before this thing, but that’s about it. I get off too late to play at any of the game stores, so… I just moved there […]

Strike Team Assemble

“Seriously, Mark, you can leave him there. He’s not going to do anything.” Mark Gliesen grimaced up at the young woman perched on the speeder bike across the clearing. “As much as you might not care, I’d rather not leave dead Imperials around as evidence.” The young rebel shrugged. “Whatever.” She reached into her poncho […]

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