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Broadcasting From Sullust!

Sullust is being blockaded! News is beginning to emerge, depending on who you want to believe…       (Special thanks to Allison Reader for providing voice to our pilot!)  

Evading Authority: Infrastructure Required

Sometimes, when building a deck, there are options that simply cannot be left undiscussed. Powerful pods like The Tarkin Doctrine and Asteroid Sanctuary offer such a threating yet versatile toolkit that seemingly any deck could find a way to include them. They beg the question, when will my deck actually be improved by leaving these […]

Release Review: I Don’t Like You Either (Pod 240)

Dav Flamerock: I’m not sure what you think, but this objective is completely insane. Events can be very powerful (look at cards like Force Lightning and Captured) and are generally appropriately costed for the effect they get. Being able to duplicate an event’s effects at zero cost is unbelievable, especially as early as turn zero. This […]

Release Review: Pattern Analysis (Pod 239)

Farsight: This is an odd one. The only kind of unit enhancement that the Imperial Navy has ever cared about is pilot cards, and this objective specifically excludes them. The other contents of the pod suggest this is meant for a Trooper deck, but that deck mainly uses play area enhancements like Orbital Bombardment and Imperial […]

Release Review: The Emperor’s Cabal (Pod 238)

Farsight: This is a nice, but not particularly game changing, ability. It’s even more conditional that it looks, since to cycle events you need to first get them into the discard pile, then win a force struggle, THEN draw it again out of your deck. That’s a whole lot of work that’s not even going to […]

Release Review: The Last Warrior (Pod 237)

AussieJedi: Yet another 5-1 objective here with a few interesting points to chat about. As with the Sabine objective, a second objective for the LS to give us influence keyword. The objective’s ability is good, but not amazing as there aren’t a ton of Spectre units yet; just Sabine, Kanan, and now Zeb in this set, so not […]

Release Review: Resourceful Survivors (Pod 236)

Dav Flamerock: This objective says it lets you play events from your discard pile, but that’s not what it actually does. What this actually does is draw you cards: with the caveat that those cards are always going to be Rebel events. There are some incredible Rebel events that you can play multiple times with this […]

Release Review: A Wretched Hive

The last Release Review went quite well, so we’re going to do it again! How does this pack compare to the last one? Surprisingly well, actually. Smugglers and Scum both get excellent fundamental objective sets, and while the Sith and Navy might not be something worth purchasing the pack for, the Rebel one definitely is. […]

Horn of Gondor Woes

Of the iconic objects in Lord of the Rings, there are only a few that come to everyone’s mind: The One Ring; Anduril, the Sword that was Broken; the Mirror of Galadriel; Sting; the Horn of Gondor. When a player sits down to play a game in which they are the heroes of Middle-earth, these are […]

Release Review: Heartless Tactics (Pod 235)

Farsight: Flopping this card along with The Hunters is pretty much guaranteed to drive your light side opponent up the wall. This is an extremely strong objective with multiple important synergies – the damage capacity bonuses that Scum have with objectives like The Hunters and cards like Jabba’s Palace, and the objectives that power up from […]

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