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Release Review: Resistance and Rebellion (Pod 243)

AussieJedi: Its Smuggler Wednesday and time to review a really interesting set to get in this cycle. Before I delve too deep into the set there is just a few quick points I want to mention. This set is really interesting since it is further exploring a mechanic that we got in the Rogue Squadron […]

Release Review: A Legend Begins (Pod 242)

Dav Flamerock: Having gotten to play a bunch with Vader and Ahsoka, it looks like these objectives are really designed to be combo pieces that are both hard to pull off and huge payoffs when you do. Removing 2 focus? Big effect. Focusing an enemy objective? Big effect. Ejecting an enemy unit from the engagement? Holy crap! […]

Release Review: Daughter of Tanaab (Pod 241)

Dav Flamerock: Any objective that says “draw 1 card” on it is good, especially if it’s followed by a limit (as that generally indicates that the ability is easy to trigger). This one is… no different? Being “while unbloodied” is a little annoying, considering it’s not hard for some dark side decks to turn it off […]

Release Review: Meditation and Mastery

We continue in our tradition of week-long release reviews. Where the last pack brought Smugglers one of their better sets in recent memory, this pack is all about the Rebels. Wedge is explicitly the strongest objective set in the pack, and might be one of the better Rebel sets that’s come out for the past […]

Worlds 2016 Day Two: Top Cut

What a day! After four grueling matches against some of the toughest opponents I know, I took Top 8 and learned something very important: you can’t win Worlds with decks you’re not intimately familiar with. If you followed my livetweeting of the event, you’ll know that my light side deck swept every opponent but my […]

Ion Control Podcast #29

Famous Last Words

“I was wondering if you just could explain how your DS deck works” ~RoyalAegis Since the 2016 World Championships ended, I’ve been getting some questions about my deck choices for the event. For some reason, people didn’t expect to see a Hoth Speeder deck paired with a Fate Vader into Navy Cap ship deck place […]

Worlds 2016 Day One: Swiss

Unlike last year, we got to play in the FFG Event Center! However, I’ll admit that after having judged the Conquest Swiss in the Radisson… the event held in the side event space was way nicer (though maybe it’s because we were the only event in the space so we could spread out). But everyone […]

Star Wars 2016 World Championships Preview

We’ve reached November again, which means it’s time for the best players in the world to converge at FFG’s headquarters in Roseville, Minnesota for the chance to compete for the ultimate prize: the World Champion trophy, and the chance to design a card for the game. Before we go deep into the nitty-gritty of the […]

Brad Emon Breaks Through To Victory!

Welcome back to the Star Wars: the Card Game World Championship coverage! Like each year, I competed in the event and provided up-to-date live coverage of the event, particularly in the final rounds. Most of the information was on Twitter, but this page should sufficiently archive the proceedings for those who couldn’t attend. If following the moment-to-moment […]

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