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Release Review: Imperial Vengeance (Pod 249)

AussieJedi: A standard 5/1 set that will make your opponent think about destroying that objective. Dealing two damage back to a unit when he destroys an objective is so strong. The thing that I really like is that it can be that unit in the engagement or any other unit, which could be a Dagobah Nudj, […]

Release Review: Threat from the Depths (Pod 248)

AussieJedi: The Sith release for this pack sees us get a set for a Sith creatures deck. The objective allows for cheap creature deploy in the form of putting it into play, but at the cost of it being sacrificed at the end of the engagement, with recursion later sat we will see in the […]

Release Review: Sacrifice of Heroes (Pod 247)

AussieJedi: The objective set begins with a solid first card. The objective, although a 5/1, has a great ability. Card draw on the destruction of a unit is always welcomed. The kicker here is that it’s whenever a unit I control is destroyed, not just something that is participating in an engagement, so if my […]

Release Review: Hero of a Thousand Devices (Pod 246)

AussieJedi: Its a straight-up 5 health / 1 resource objective that has an ability that is all about helping you recoup loss. You get your enhancements back to your hand when an enhanced unit leaves play (death or otherwise) and this effect seems super important when you really needed to get that Trust Your Feelings on […]

Release Review: Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal has released and that means Jabba the Hutt is here to take command of the Scum and Villainy of the galaxy. There’s a number of fascinating pods in this pack, between R2-D2 whose role in deckbuilding is unclear to the Dragonsnakes that demand to be played with other Creatures. Overall, I’d say that […]

Confronting the Horror: Part 2

Last week I was discussing potential decklists for each investigator, as well as offering advice on how to build for that investigator to be flexible enough to support solo or two-player campaigns. Without any more preamble, I’ll continue the discussion here so we can see what would be most effective for Skids, Agnes, and Wendy. […]

Confronting the Horror: Part 1

The experience of any collectible card game is going to revolve around the deck you bring to the table, and this game is no different. Nobody wants to show up to a campaign with a deck that can’t get them anywhere! But Arkham Horror is particularly unique because it goes beyond “play all the good cards.” […]

Arkham Horror Photoshop Templates Available!

Not everyone has the photoshop skills to make their own custom cards, but for those of us that fall into that camp, Arkham Horror/Lord of the Rings community member Vardaen has us covered! He’s constructed some brilliant photoshop templates that allow you to make your own Arkham Horror cards—from investigators to assets and events to custom […]

Release Review: Hunters in the Night (Pod 245)

AussieJedi: This is a 5-2 objective and does nothing else here but set you up for if nothing else but synergy, so let’s dive into this newest scum set. It’s always an interesting thing to see whenever we first come across a new mechanic for the LCG. Here we have something called Night and it being present on the […]

Release Review: Inexorable Destruction (Pod 244)

Dav Flamerock: Obviously this objective is meant to mirror Wedge’s objective, just like Ahsoka’s and Vader’s mirror each other. We knew that Wedge’s was incredible, but… I think this one is significantly less good. Ejecting a unit can give you some insane strike economy, and while this objective combined with winning the edge does the same, […]

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