Aether Horror Tokens

The Shadow Archive and Aether Game Cafe in Hoboken, NJ have partnered to produce the first unofficial token line for the Arkham Horror LCG. These beautiful wooden tokens are laser-engraved with exceptional detail and make for the perfect supplement for your Arkham Horror experience. Resource tokens even come as three-dimensional crates to really reinforce the feeling that you get what you paid for!

The full set comes with the same contents as the core token collection, with plenty of clues, resources, damage, and horror to amply supply two players.

If you’re interested in purchasing these tokens, click the image above to go to the Aether Game Webstore to place your order. Individual tokens may be purchased by emailing Aether Game Cafe directly at

Horror Token Set includes:
30x Resource Crates
30x Double Sided Doom/Clue Tokens
14x Small Brains
4x Large Brains
20x Small Hearts
7x Large Hearts

All tokens are made from oak, and individual pieces may differ slightly from the images due to wood and printing variance.

Though compatible with the Arkham Horror Living Card Game, these tokens are not produced by or affiliated with Fantasy Flight Games.