Arkham Horror Templates


Brought to you by Vardaen

Designing custom cards for cooperative games has always been easier than designing custom cards for competitive games, thanks to the fact that it’s not a player-versus-player experience where a victory might feel “cheaper” by using unofficial cards. And what’s more, the game’s play space expands exponentially as custom scenarios and campaigns emerge from the community, providing an endless supply of stories to play through with our intrepid investigators.

Not everyone is as skilled at photoshop as Arkham Horror/Lord of the Rings community member Vardaen, but fortunately he has made everyone’s lives that much easier by constructing templates for us to use! All you have to do is click the image above to receive a download link and you’re on your way towards making your own custom cards. Whether it’s investigators you’re interested in or custom campaigns, this set of templates is all you’ll need to get started creating your own, personal, descent into darkness.

Note: If you find you’re missing a font (which is likely, click these links to download the AHLCG Symbols, the Teutonic, and the Bolton fonts. Happy crafting!)